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North Grove Trail

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

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June 9th, 2002

1.5 miles
105 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:02

Rating: 8/10

Directions: From Angels Camp, take Highway 4 east for about 24 miles. Turn right into Calaveras Big Trees State Park. At the park entrance, pay the parking fee (currently $8 self-pay in winter). Follow the signs to the North Grove parking area (from the entrance, you'll turn right, then immediately left). The trail begins at the far end of the lot.   View Driving Map

Bench next to the trail

The huge parking lot was mostly full when we arrived. Jean stayed in the car while I went on the North Grove Trail. There are 50-cent pamphlets at the trailhead. Most visitors pick one up and casually stroll along the trail, stopping at each of the 26 numbered sign posts. Take your time and enjoy!

Large sequoia next to the trail

I passed the Big Stump, which is what you expect it is. A dozen visitors were taking pictures on top of the stump, so I continued along the trail. I passed the Three Senses Trail and turned left onto the North Grove Trail itself.

Large sequoia trunk

The trail is paved in some places, hard packed in the rest. It is a leisurely stroll amidst the giants. The sequoias here are much more frequent than those in the South Grove. I spent the next hour stopping every few yards, marveling at the big trees.

Mountain dogwood

There are benches along the trail to encourage you to sit and ponder the sheer size of the trees. There's also a fallen sequoia which you can walk inside for quite some length (similar to the one near the General Grant tree in Kings Canyon. Mountain dogwood trees were prevalent as they are in the South Grove.

Dogwood and sequoias

There's not much else that stands out from this short walk. I'll let my pictures do the talking. Eventually I looped around and met up with the trail next to the campfire area. It's not really a true loop trail, as it ends several dozen yards from where it starts, but it's close enough.

Path leading through three sequoias

If you'd like more information, you can currently download the 50-cent pamphlet for free from the official California State Parks page. Note that the online pamphlet is slightly out of date (1990); there's a revised one (published in 2002) at the trailhead.

Sequoias standing tall

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