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February 8th, 2003

Jean and I went skiing at Spooner Lake, which is on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, just a bit north of South Lake Tahoe. Unlike our trip to Bear Valley three weeks earlier, it was quite cold. The sky was clear, however.

Bush growing in front of frozen Spooner Lake

Spooner Lake has quite a few groomed trails. There's a flat trail system around the lake itself on one side, and another set of trails with a lot of flat trails but also a set of trails climbing up a valley. If you're adventurous you can make quite a very long round trip out of that. We stuck with the mostly flat trails.

Ski tracks on the south shore of the lake

Jean standing next to the lake

Ice on the lake surface cracking up

In the morning, we did the trails around the lake. We returned to the small rental hut for some lunch. There's not a lot of food here -- we managed to get the last two sandwiches. After lunch we headed out to the other side, and skied some very nice aspen forest.

Aspens next to the trail

While we were out there, we saw a couple of kids going up and down a small hill, going over a small ski jump they'd made. They looked like they were born skiing. Meanwhile, their father was doing circles around us, going about 3 or 4 times faster than us. Someday, we hope to be just as good as them -- the kids, that is.

Aspen silhouette

Jean in front of the aspens

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