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Edgewood County Park

Edgewood County Park

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May 17th, 2003

4.0 miles
760 vertical feet
Total Time: 2:16

Rating: 4/10

Directions: Take Highway 280 to Edgewood Road. Go east (toward the bay) on Edgewood. Just past Crestview Road on your left, turn right into the park. If the inner parking lot is full, you can park in the dirt lot right next to Edgewood Road.   View Driving Map

I'd wanted to do this hike a couple weeks earlier, since it is known for its wildflower displays. Unfortunately the hike got delayed and we were past prime wildflower season. Still, we did see lots of different varieties of flowers, if not in overwhelming numbers.

We arrived at the park around 3:30 or so, but there was plenty of light to do the short hike well before sunset. Both the main and overflow parking areas were nearly full. Despite that fact, we didn't see a tremendous number of people on the trail. Perhaps some of them were just barbequing.

We started off on the Edgewood Trail, which climbs immediately through forest. There are a maze of interconnecting trails in the park, so be sure to pick up a map. We cross a dirt road, turned left at the first real intersection onto the Francisco Trail, then crossed the same dirt road again. We were out in the open now, seeing occasional wildflowers. There were all kinds of flowers, most of which I can't identify. I did see a few scattered Indian paintbrush and columbine, but these were not the dominant flowers. Poppies were fairly plentiful.


We were now out in the open, on rolling hills which were in various stages of turning from green to brown. Across the way we could see the house and hills of Crestview Road, and beyond that the bay. Edgewood is a fairly urban park. It's not in the middle of downtown, but you're almost never out of sight of houses or out of earshot of Interstate 280.


We followed the trail to the Ridgeview Loop trail, where we took the right fork and then joined the Serpentine Trail. This part of the trail is within shouting distance of 280. You can hear the rush of cars constantly. The main hills in the park are on your left as you go along the wide dirt road. We could see several turkey vultures circling in the air above the hills.


Eventually we curved around and made a right on to the Sylvan Trail, which we took through more forest back to the parking lot. If we had come a few weeks earlier this might have been a nicer hike for wildflowers, but there's not much else to see. There are some views, but nothing spectacular -- much of it is marred by houses.

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