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Base of Yosemite Falls

Yosemite National Park

June 23rd, 2007

0.5 miles
100 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:40

Rating: 7/10

Directions: Park in one of the day use lots of Yosemite Valley and take the shuttle to stop number 6, Yosemite Falls.   View Driving Map

From Yosemite Village, we took the overcrowded bus to the Yosemite Falls stop. If you have the time and it's a weekend, you may prefer to simply walk from the village to the falls. Afterwards, we ended up walking back to avoid taking the bus.

The best view of the entire 2425 foot falls (Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls) may be from near the start of the trail. Here, the falls are framed by tall conifers on either side.

Yosemite Falls

The trail is relatively flat until it approaches the base, where it climbs a bit to the large viewing area. From here you can see Lower Yosemite Falls tumbling 320 feet down to a section of large boulders. From here you can't see the Middle Cascade (675 feet) or the Upper Yosemite Falls (1430 feet).

Lower Yosemite Falls

Again, as with Bridalveil Falls, there were lots of people scrambling up over the rocks to get a closer look at the falls, which weren't flowing as much as previous years because of the lack of winter snowfall. Instead of heading closer to the falls, we crossed the foot bridge and went down to the creek below the bridge. We scrambled over rocks to get to the creek. This is a great place for kids to play in the water, especially if it's a hot day like it was when we went. Of course, in wetter years you should be careful if the flow of the creek is higher.

Scree at the base of the falls

We enjoyed the creek for quite some time before heading back over the foot bridge and back to the trailhead.

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