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Redwood National And State Parks 2007 Trip

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Thursday, July 5th
Fern Canyon, Elk Prairie Trail hikes

Thursday morning, after breakfast, we drove down the road and did the popular Fern Canyon hike.

After the hike, we walked down to the beach. There are picnic tables near the parking lot, but we decided to eat on the beach itself. It wasn't too windy, and we enjoyed the large wide-open beach. After the beach, we headed back to the parking lot. Along the way we saw some elk from afar, including a few males with large antlers.

Elk near the Fern Canyon trailhead

We then returned to camp. While the others took a nap, I did the Elk Prairie Trail hike solo.

While we were eating dinner, a ranger came by to tell us of the night's campfire talk (marine animals), but we were too tired to attend. We vowed to try to make it another night.

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