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Del Valle Regional Park 2008 Trip

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Saturday, May 3rd
Ridgeline Trail hike

It was still cold in the morning when the light filtered into our tent at 6am and we could hear others around us stirring. It warmed up quickly, however. After breakfast I took the two boys over to the nearby creek, which runs next to the camp ground (and into Lake Del Valle). The creek is a great place for kids, as the water is very shallow and there are lots of rocks big and small to throw into the water.

Creek next to the campground

After playing by the creek, we made the short drive over to the east shore of the lake, and hiked the Ridgeline Trail.

After the hike we stopped at the snack shop for ice cream, then returned to our campground. Nathan's friend from preschool, Connor, and his parents Rob and Sheree arrived to join us for their first family camping trip. Each site can have up to 8 people and 2 cars. There are 150 sites, so it's quite a busy place.

The kids played around the camp site and again at the creek. Meanwhile, the effects of the hike were taking its toll on my nose and I had to take a Tavist antihistamine. The stuff knocks me out, but it's effective if the daily Claritin isn't helping enough. In retrospect, I've never done spring car camping in the Bay Area (I did backpack the Ohlone Wilderness Trail). I'll have to think hard before planning another spring adventure unless I find a better antihistamine.

We used our portable grill for the first time in years, making hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages. After dinner, Jean built a camp fire. Rob and Sheree had brought firewood, but a pickup truck filled with firewood came by, selling it for $6 per bundle. It was like an ice cream truck coming by, with campers flagging it down as needed.

We used some new marshmallow roasting sticks that Jean had found at REI. Much easier than finding the perfect fallen branch. However, it didn't prevent the kids from setting the marshmallows on fire or dropping them into the dirt.

That night we heard cows and turkeys making noises while we tried to sleep. On the bright side, it was several degrees warmer than the previous night.

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