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Monday, June 30th
Emerald Lake hike

I woke up and took a Claritin in the morning, but it was too late. I had forgotten to take it the day before (I'd stopped taking it in the Bay Area since it was no longer necessary for me there at this time of year), and the cumulative effects of all the pollen around me were getting to me. By the time we were ready to leave for our hike, I had to resort to a drowsy antihistamine. I usually avoid it because it makes me very drowsy, but it almost always alleviates my pollen allergy symptoms.

Late June / early July is a great time for wildflowers in Rocky Mountain, so if you have allergies like I do, make sure to bring your allergy medicine. I continued taking my Claritin every morning the rest of the trip and didn't have any more problems.

It was a bright sunny day and hot as we prepared for our hike. We then drove up Bear Lake Road to the Park and Ride lot to hike to Emerald Lake.

After the hike, we took the shuttle back down and drove back toward the campground. As we did so, we encountered cars stopped in three different places, their drivers taking pictures of elk. I like taking pictures of course, but I don't stop in the middle of the road to do so. If you see something you need to take a picture of, please be considerate and pull off to the side of the road! I am sure I would go nuts in Yellowstone, stopped behind wildlife-picture-taking-caused traffic jams.

It was raining now, and we weren't sure if the campground had any ice cream, so we decided to go to Estes Park (a few minutes away) to get some. Afterwards, we returned to our campground (save your entrance receipt and show it at the park entrance). Despite the rain, the ground looked dry and there were only a few drops on top of our tent. Still, we decided to put away a few things that we'd normally leave on our picnic table. As it turned out, it rained almost every day we were there, but only between the hours of 3pm and 8pm.

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