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Mineral King 2008 Trip

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Thursday, June 12th
Cold Springs Nature Trail

Thursday morning I talked briefly with the older couple staying in the site next to us. They had a dog with them, but I think dogs aren't allowed on the trails, so I'm not sure what they did with him while they were hiking. They mentioned the end of the road (which we hadn't visited yet) was beautiful. They said they were planning to stay 6 nights.

It was cold in the morning, but it warmed up very quickly. I'm not sure what it is about staying in the Sierras, but it always feels warmer than what the thermometer says. Even if it says 55 degrees I feel warm. Perhaps it's the intense high-altitude sun or the thinner atmosphere.

Camp site 1

Walking along the camp road to the Cold Springs Nature Trail

After breakfast, we walked to the end of the campground to hike the Cold Springs Nature Trail.

After the hike we drove about 2.5 miles back down Mineral King Road to the Silver City Resort store. This is pretty much the only option, and there isn't much. We got vanilla ice cream in cups (that's all they have), and some lollipops for the kids as a post-hike reward. One nice thing, if you have children, is that there's a playground here, with sand, slides, and swings. There's also a basic restaurant (think burgers and salad) and showers ($5 a shower). Much to our surprise, they don't sell fire wood at the store, and they didn't think anyone up here did. People pretty much just bring up, chop, or gather their own. We stopped by the side of the road on the way back to camp and picked up some downed wood for later.

We drove back to camp, played with the kids, had dinner, and then started up a camp fire. After s'mores, it was off to bed.

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