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Mineral King 2008 Trip

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Saturday, June 14th
Hockett Trail to East Fork Kaweah River Falls

We woke up in the morning and noticed that site 30 was still vacant, and the couple in site 31 had already driven off in the morning (their tent was still there). I wondered why they had left so early in the morning.

Afte breakfast, we drove down the road to Atwell Mill campground to do a hike along the Hockett Trail to East Fork Kaweah River Falls.

After the hike, we drove up to Silver City for some ice cream, then continued along the road back to Cold Springs campground. I spent some time sawing through some of the larger pieces of firewood we'd brought. It's always good to keep a small saw and axe in the car to help with firewood.

East Fork Kaweah River next to the campground

Camp site 30 was finally taken, by a couple who didn't exactly look happy to be there; they'd leave in the morning. The kids played by the river. We had dinner and then our last camp fire of the trip. I was beginning to get worried that the couple next to us still hadn't returned to site 31. It was getting dark and I had no idea why they'd be out so late. It's not like there are a lot of options for night life in the area. The only thing I could think of was that maybe they were having a late dinner at the Silver City restaurant. In any case, they finally arrived while we were in the tent getting ready for bed.

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