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Forest Canyon Overlook

Rocky Mountain National Park

July 2nd, 2008

0.2 miles
30 vertical feet
Total Time: 0:25

Starting elevation
11720 feet
Max elevation
11761 feet

Rating: 7/10

Directions: From Estes Park, take Highway 36 into the park. Follow Trail Ridge Road all the way up, close to the top, until you see the signs for Forest Canyon Overlook on the left.   View Driving Map

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The parking lot was nearly full when we arrived at Forest Canyon Overlook. This isn't so much of a hike as a short walk to an overlook. It's paved the entire way (which is only a tenth of a mile one-way), with stones lining either side of the trail. There are prominent signs warning people not to step off the trail, since the surrounding tundra takes years to grow in this harsh environment. Unfortunately, many people weren't paying attention and trampled it anyway.

Paved trail to the overlook

View from the overlook

Looking back at the tundra from the overlook

We did our best to keep our kids on the trail, and then enjoyed the views at the end. The end of the trail is encircled with a stone wall about three feet high, and there's a bench. The adventurous can climb onto a nearby rock about six feet high to get a better view, which consists of snow-covered peaks and forest-filled valleys.

View from the overlook

View of the trail from the parking lot

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