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Mount Cutler

North Cheyenne Caņon Park, Colorado

July 5th, 2008

2.0 miles
480 vertical feet
Total Time: 2:02

Starting elevation
6802 feet
Max elevation
7242 feet

Rating: 7/10

Directions: From Denver, take Interstate 25 south to Colorado Springs. Take exit 140 for Nevada Ave/Tejon St. Turn right onto Tejon Street and follow it right as it becomes Cheyenne Boulevard. Just as you enter the park, turn right onto North Cheyenne Canyon Road. Follow it until you see the trail sign for Mount Cutler on the left. There is a dirt parking area with space for about 10 - 15 cars.   View Driving Map

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It started to rain almost immediately after we started heading up the trail. Thankfully, the rain stopped after a few minutes and there was never any thunder and lightning. There were a handful of cars parked in the lot, and we encountered a few groups of hikers, but we generally had peace and quiet on the trail.

The trail

We actually got here on a fortuitous day, as there was a sign posted at the trailhead warning that the trail would be closed as of July 7th for maintenance. I'm not sure how long that maintenance will last, but there's a chance the trail may be closed when I first post this on my site.

Tree looking like it's on its tiptoes

The trail climbs fairly steadily. There are interesting rock formations and dense forest all around. The trail is a bit slippery at times, as it is filled with small rocks. Our kids fell many times, and there is a steep drop-off on the side of the trail. You'll have to keep a close eye on kids on this trail, or they might slide down the hill a bit. Nothing life-threatening in most places on the trail, but they would not like a fall here.

View of the red cliffs

We climbed some more and were rewarded with views of the red cliffs on the other side of Cheyenne Canyon. We then continued along the trail. Shortly, we were rewarded with even better views to the west. There were forested mountains and, in the distance, Seven Falls. The falls are a tourist destination, with an elevator that goes to the top of a viewing area.

You probably can't tell, but that's Seven Falls in the middle

Narrow section with steep drop-offs; hang on to the kids!

Seven Falls

We turned the corner and were greeted with the best views yet, including a view of the city of Colorado Springs to the east. The trail keeps on going, though, so we did too. The trail climbs a bit more before it reaches the summit of Mt. Cutler. Unfortunately, it was extremely windy at the top -- so windy, in fact, that I didn't feel safe taking my camera out to take pictures. That's never happened before. It was amazing how much wind blew here. We turned tail and headed back down to the spot with views of Seven Falls and Colorado Springs; there was almost no wind here.

View of Colorado Springs

New growth

While we enjoyed a brief break, we could hear the sound of music coming from the mountains across from us. It looked like there was some sort of cathedral there, probably off of Old Stage Road. After our break, we headed back down the mountain.

Heading back to the trailhead

If you look closely, you can imagine a face near the top

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