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Friday, April 17th
Hickman Natural Bridge hike

I woke up and looked outside the window of our cabin to find...snow. It was snowing outside and didn't show any signs of letting up. The weather forecast said that most of it would stop by noon, and like clockwork it did. In fact, it stopped around 11am, and quickly melted away after that. By the time we left the cabin after lunch, a bit after 1pm, you couldn't even tell it had snowed earlier in the day.

Dusting of snow on mountain outside our cabin

We drove over to the Gifford House where there were just 2 pies left -- both cherry. We picked up one before starting our hike. Then we made the short drive to the trailhead for the hike to Hickman Natural Bridge.

After the hike someone approached me and handed me a self-guided driving tour of the park's scenic drive. He'd picked it up from the visitor center earlier and apparently didn't need it anymore. Thanks!

Next, we went into Torrey to pick up some supplies at the Chuck Wagon grocery store. That's pretty much your only option in town. Afterwards it was back to the cabin, hoping the weather forecast for the next day (clear) would hold up.

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