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Friday, July 3rd
Gardisky Lake hike

The campers at one of the sites near us stayed up late talking during the night, but they eventually turned in around midnight. The remaining nights I either got used to them, they toned it down, or they were just far enough away not to keep me awake.

It was even a little colder last night, but once again it warmed up quickly in the morning. And on the bright side, some people came by and finally fixed the water pump. After breakfast we drove to the Junction Campground, the trailhead for Shell Lake. I didn't have the complete description of the hike with me at the time, and the trailhead sign wasn't clear on whether the distances listed were one-way or round trip, so I decided to play it safe and do a different hike instead.

Instead, we drove up Saddlebag Lake road about a mile, to the trailhead for Gardisky Lake.

After the hike we stopped at the Tioga Pass Resort for some post-hike ice cream. They also sell ice, maps, books, and, I noticed, Tony Rowell prints. They don't have much else for sale here, though. In particular, they don't sell matches, which we were running out of.

We returned to camp. After dinner we took a short walk on the other side of the inlet stream, then had another campfire before turning in.

Moon over Mount Dana

Mount Dana over Tioga Lake

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