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Monday, July 20th

We returned to the Kelowna Land & Orchard today, buying apples, cherries, and wine. The Rainier cherries were excellent. There's also a 45 minute hayride tour here, but the kids weren't interested so we didn't go. They were more interested in feeding the goats.

We didn't do much else today, spending some time at a local playground and park, then stopping by the Little Straw winery on the other side of the bridge. We returned back to the B&B for a nap before having dinner in town at Moxies. Not exactly a family-oriented restaurant, but it was perfectly fine -- loud, which is good when you have kids.

Little Straw winery

Little Straw winery and Okanagan Lake

On Twitter I found out they had opened the forest service road between Kelowna and Naramata, which would have saved us a lot of time had it been open and we'd taken it two days ago, but it sounded a bit sketchy for a mini-van.

Tonight I discovered that I'd somehow lost 3 books that I'd brought along -- including the hiking guide books I'd brought for the Canadian Rockies and Waterton/Glacier National Park. I searched frantically before coming to the conclusion that I'd probably left it on the plane. Must have slid away from me on the floor during the flight (seat pockets were too small for them), and I guess I forgot about them. This was unfortunate because I was counting on reading them for insights into what hikes to do, and I hadn't had a chance to really look at them yet. I resigned myself to trying to find some replacement books tomorrow.

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