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Hidden Valley

Joshua Tree National Park

March 30th, 2010

1.1 miles
150 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:01

Starting elevation
4255 feet
Max elevation
4289 feet

Rating: 4/10

Directions: From Joshua Tree, drive south along Park Blvd. and enter the park via the West Entrance Station. Continue following the road past the Boy Scout Trailhead. Shortly thereafter, turn right into the Hidden Valley parking area.   View Driving Map

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There's a picnic area at Hidden Valley, but we decided not to use it because it was too windy. Instead we ate in the car before heading off on the trail.

Heading to the entrance to Hidden Valley

This is another loop nature trail. Let me be honest upfront -- there's not much to the trail. I was expecting more, kept expecting it to take us somewhere somewhat rewarding, but it never did.

Pinyon pine

Joshua trees

Hiking past the boulders

The trail enters Hidden Valley by climbing over and through some boulders that had been blasted out in 1936. Once inside, we took the left fork to start the loop hike. There are interpretive signs along the way, explaining some of the plant life.

Dead tree reaching out

Cactus flower

Close-up of cactus

The view along the loop consists mainly of cactus, Joshua trees, and boulders. And not very interesting boulder formations, at that.




Before we knew it, we had completed the loop, and exited the valley via the main trail.

Joshua trees as seen from the Hidden Valley entrance

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