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Saturday, June 26th
Mountain Lake, Moran State Park

We woke up relatively late (for camping) - about 9am; part of the reason is that it was overcast, which meant that the blazing morning sun didn't wake us up earlier. There's also quite a bit of shade in the campground, as the trees tower 50-100 feet above.

Interestingly, a few campers packed up and left this morning, leaving the campground slightly less full -- something I wouldn't expect on a Saturday morning.

After breakfast, we drove down the road and started a hike around Mountain Lake.

After the hike, we drove back into town and got some ice cream and more supplies. After returning to camp, we pretty much repeated the previous night -- dinner, walk to the playground, campfire, and s'mores. The only difference is that I decided to put up the canopy shelter that we'd brought along. Rain might not have been forecast, but it was definitely overcast and chilly, and the shelter made it a little warmer.

Dinner back at the campground

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