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Friday, August 6th
Lukens Lake, Tuolumne Grove

Friday morning we woke up late (9am), but so did the rest of the campground. While we were eating breakfast, someone stopped by to ask our neighbors if they were leaving tomorrow (they were). The campsite vultures were circling.

It was a nice warm day. I was considering making the 6 mile hike to Harden Lake, partly because it starts from the campground. However, as it was getting late by the time we were ready, I decided it would be better to do two short hikes instead.

So, we started by making the short drive to do the Lukens Lake hike from Tioga Road. You can also do the same hike from the White Wolf campground, but it's a much longer hike from there and I didn't want to spend the time today.

After the hike, we drove about 25 minutes west along Tioga Road to the start of the Tuolumne Grove hike.

After the hike, we drove back to White Wolf and had a quick dinner, since we were planning on going to the campfire program at 8pm. While we were washing up after dinner, Ranger Elizabeth came by to promote the program. Coincidentally, we had seen her earlier in the day on our Lukens Lake hike. We assured her we'd be coming to the program.

The campfire program was held in the campground amphitheater by the entrance. Ranger Elizabeth started up a small campfire and told us about how to deal with bears, and how water has shaped the park. She led us in a few songs, quoted from John Muir and others, and answered questions. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. One thing she did mention that I didn't know was that there was a fire still burning near Harden Lake, the Slope Fire. So it's a good thing I had decided not to do that hike today. Although I'm sure there were probably notices at the trailhead which would have told me that the area was closed.

After the program, Ranger Elizabeth signed the junior ranger booklets for our two kids, then we were off to bed. Even though the campground had the same number of people, the weekend crowd seemed a bit rowdier, making lots of noise until 11pm (an hour past the 10pm quiet time). But they settled down after that.

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