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Saturday, August 7th
Polly Dome Lakes

We woke up much earlier this morning, partly in anticipation of doing a longer hike today. We were up at 7:15am. After breakfast, we started to get ready for our hike. Our neighbors across the road came by looking for cooking oil to make pancakes. Jean gave them a bottle; I guess we should have asked for a pancake or two in return!

We drove about 25 minutes east along Tioga Road to the Murphy Creek trailhead next to Tenaya Lake, and did the hike to Polly Dome Lakes.

After the hike, we drove about 10 minutes further east along Tioga Road to the visitor center at Tuolumne Meadows, where it was starting to sprinkle. Our kids showed their booklets and were happy to receive their junior ranger badges, their 3rd this year (Joshua Tree, North Cascades, and Yosemite), adding to the one they got from Glacier last year.

We hopped on over to the Tuolumne Meadows grill and store, where we got ice cream, s'mores fixings, and ice for the cooler. There was a long line at the grill, as it was dinner time (the grill closes at 6pm, and the store 8pm). By the time we left the area, the clouds were all gone.

We made the 35 minute drive back to White Wolf. After dinner, we made the short walk to the northern edge of the campground and walked down to the Middle Tuolumne River. Even though it's within a stone's throw of the RV's and tents at White Wolf, it seems a world away. It's a beautiful little stream flowing past wildflowers and a pleasant forest. The late evening light made it look even better. We enjoyed the area for a while, the kids throwing rocks in the water, before returning to camp.

Middle Tuolumne River

Sometime after our campfire that night, the kids started saying "Hetch Hetchy!" They'd heard the ranger mention it the previous night at the campfire program. I think they just liked saying it. I've never actually been there; maybe I'll plan a trip there in the near future.

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