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TJ Lake

Inyo National Forest

August 10th, 2013

1.8 miles
380 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:31

Starting elevation
9024 feet
Max elevation
9352 feet

Rating: 7/10

Directions: From Mammoth, take Lake Mary Road up the mountain. Turn right at Lake Mary, then left toward Lake George. Follow the road into the parking lot, and keep driving until you see the trail sign for TJ Lake/Barrett Lake.   View Driving Map

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There was plenty of parking available at Lake George, since we didn't arrive until almost 5pm. Earlier in the day I know it's very hard to find parking (when we'd arrived on a previous hike, we had to park on the side of the road).

It was a bit windy, but clear and comfortable as we started the hike. After walking southeast along the Lake George shore, we started climbing steadily but briefly up toward Lake Barrett. For some reason this hike was even easier than I remember it, from the time we did it 8 years ago. Maybe that's because, at the time, I was carrying a 2-year-old Nathan on my back.

Looking back at Lake George

I knew from experience that Lake Barrett wasn't much to look at, so we skipped right by it and soon found ourselves at TJ Lake. The late afternoon light didn't show the lake in a great light (morning is probably better), so I didn't take many pictures. We did have a spirited rock-skipping contest, though. Nathan and I have been competing, 5 rounds, and we agree on who wins each round. This time, I decided it would be fun to turn the competition on its head and pick the worst rocks possible for each other. We had some clunkers, but we also managed to skip some rocks you wouldn't think were skippable.

TJ Lake

After we had our little fun, we turned around and made the short trip back to the parking lot.

Barrett Lake

Crystal Crag above Lake George

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