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Monday, June 30th
White Chief Canyon hike

In the morning, we noticed some late arrivals in the site next to us, but they turned out to be backpackers just spending one night before heading out into the wilderness. They would be the first of 4 straight backpacking groups just spending one night in the site. I'm guessing that since Mineral King doesn't have a lot of easy/moderate day hikes or other attractions, it's more conducive to backpackers.

While we were eating breakfast, a ranger came by and gave us the "bear talk", telling us all the things we needed to do because of bears in the area (we knew, of course, but listened patiently). I asked about marmots, since those are known to eat through radiator hoses in the area, but she said it was more of a problem up at the trailheads, not in the campground. She also seemed skeptical of the widespread practice of keeping the hood up to discourage them from damaging cars.

After breakfast, we made the short drive up the road to the ranger station and paid our entry fee ($20). I asked whether chicken wire or tarping was better, and the ranger said tarping was better. I'd brought both, and I knew tarping would be easier, so we'd go with that.

We then drove to the end of Mineral King Road and hiked to White Chief Canyon.

After the hike, we drove down to Silver City (about 3 miles past the campground). If you're hoping for supplies, you'll probably be disappointed. There isn't much here - firewood, ice, fuel, and that's about it. No groceries to speak of. We picked up some firewood, the kids got ice cream and pie, and played a bit in the playground. Then it was back to camp.

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