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Sunday, January 6th
Fly home

We scheduled a shuttle to the airport, arriving around 8:35am, in plenty of time for our scheduled 10:35am departure. Except that when we arrived, the woman at the Virgin Australia check-in counter left. There was no one to replace her. There were maybe 10 people in front of us in line. We all fidgeted a bit nervously. There was still plenty of time, right? There were other staff helping other lines, but no one helping our line at all.

Finally, after about a half hour, a staff member sauntered over, looking completely unhurried. She diligently checked in the people ahead of us and then checked us in. Thankfully we still had plenty of time.

We arrived in Melbourne, then tried to figure out how to get to the international terminal. Eventually we found it. Thankfully we didn't have to pick up our bags this time. We arrived at the gate just before they started to board.

After the long flight to LAX, we arrived and had to go through customs, then pick up our luggage, then drag our bags through a ridiculously long line to exit the baggage claim area. Thankfully it moved fairly quickly. Then we dragged our luggage to the transfer area (there's a special area for flight transfers). That out of the way, we walked over to the domestic terminal, a bit over 2 hours before our scheduled flight time, only to find out our flight was delayed.

Well, they still boarded the flight more or less on time. But we spent a lot of time just waiting in the plane before we were able to take off. Apparently there was bad weather in SFO, which was the cause of the delay. When we got to SFO, we couldn't really see anything. After getting our bags and going out to the taxi line, we saw the rain pouring down.

We had to get a taxi van because we had so many bags. The driver insisted I speak our destination into Siri on his iPhone. Then he spent the rest of the ride looking at his phone in his hand to get directions. I tried to verbally give him directions (you would think he would understand that I know how to drive to my own home), but he wouldn't really listen to me. It was the most nerve-wracking part of our entire trip, thinking he would get into an accident while the rain continued to pour down. Then, to top it off, when we arrived he found that he couldn't process our credit card because of some connection problem. I ended up using cash instead, but then he ended up driving away without returning our credit card (which we had to cancel). Just great. I have to say Uber and Lyft are looking a lot better in comparison.

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