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Angora Lakes

Eldorado National Forest

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October 28th, 2001

1.0 miles
270 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:05

Rating: 6/10

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There's a huge parking lot at the Agora Lakes trailhead. On this autumn morning, however, there were only a handful of cars. Jean and I parked the car and started off up the wide dusty trail.

The trail climbs steadily but you shortly find yourself looking at Lower Angora Lake. The lake is lined with cabins on the north shore. The lake is decent, but the destination on this hike should be Upper Angora Lake.

We continued on the trail past the lower lake, made a very short climb, and then came to Upper Angora Lake. Cabins line the northwest shore, and we had to go past them to reach the northeast shore, where there's a small beach. The lake is backed by a wall of granite reaching up to Angora Peak and Echo Peak. Knowing the topography of the area now, I would think the view from those peaks would be tremendous. From Angora Peak, I'm guessing you should be able to see Fallen Leaf Lake and Angora Lakes. From Echo Peak, you should be able to see Angora Lakes and Echo Lakes.

Upper Angora Lake

The granite wall had a little bit of color -- some yellow bushes. It's a pretty lake, especially without the crowds that are probably present during the summer. The cabins are for rent during the summer, but when we went, they were already closed for the year.

Another view of the lake

We spent some time at the lake, skipping rocks and enjoying the scenery before heading back the way we came. On the way back, I saw a spur trail leading out toward a ridge, but we decided not to spend the time to take it, since we'd be driving back to Angora Lookout. The spur trail might be worth the trip if you have the time. Not sure how far it goes.

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