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Crescent Meadow

Sequoia National Park

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May 30th, 1999

1.8 miles
190 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:07

Rating: 7/10

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Jean and I hiked the Crescent Meadow/Log Meadow loop.

After the crowds at Moro Peak, Crescent Meadow was a comparative ghost town. We headed to the southern portion of Crescent Meadow -- a bright green, flat meadow amongst towering sequoia trees. There were a fair number of downed trees, some burnt but others not -- I wonder if the ground is too soft for the trees to withstand heavy winter storms.

Crescent Meadow

After rounding the Meadow we headed toward Log Meadow. Along the way we saw some hikers approaching us in the opposite direction. They pointed to our right; we turned and saw a couple of deer feeding in the still, peaceful afternoon forest.

Giant Sequoia near Log Meadow

This was our first chance to get up close and personal to some giant sequoia trees. We had a hard time craning our necks back to see the tops.

At the northern end of Log Meadow is Tharp's Log -- a log apparently used as a dwelling by Hale Tharp in the 1800's.

As we continued the loop back toward Crescent Meadow, we started to notice mushrooms. Soon we spotted what looked like morels dotting the land alongside the trail.

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