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East Rim Trail (Plateau to Weeping Rock + Observation Point)

Zion National Park

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May 19th, 1998

8.0 miles
1220 vertical feet
Total Time: 4:50

Rating: 8/10

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Jay, Weihaw, and I hiked the East Rim Trail, from the plateau to the Weeping Rock parking area, with a side trip to Observation Point, at Zion National Park.

The view looking west, coming back down the East Rim Trail.

See the rock stack near the center? That's the only indication of the trail in some places.

The temperature again reached toward the low 90's, heating us up before noon. We quickly descended and dumped our packs just before the intersection with the Observation Point trail. We left them there, taking only water, food, and other essentials on the 4-mile detour (2 miles up, 2 back).

Weihaw and Jay on the trail

As we climbed we passed day hikers doing the hike. The trail switchbacks its way up the side of the mountain. This part of the trail is similar to the trail near the top of the West Rim Trail. Stiff winds blew at us as we climbed. A bug flew straight into my mouth and I quickly spit out a mixture of bug and red all-sport. Yum.

Switchbacks of the Observation Point trail etched into the side of the mountain. We then walked along the ridge going left. (This was taken from Observation Point)

While we climbed we were greeted with views of Angels Landing. Then we were at the top, following the edge along a dirt path winding its way to Observation Point. About a dozen people were gathered at the top to enjoy lunch while taking in the views of Angels Landing, the Virgin River below, and great view of the surrounding area.

Susan didn't have a camera, so I took a picture for her. This is a view from Observation Point, looking south.

Sparrows zipped by at breathtaking speeds and crows hovered in the wind as we snapped our pictures. After spending a regrettably short time at the top, we started back down to meet Ben at the parking lot.

Along the way we passed guys walking up in Speedos, at least one of them barefoot (he claimed to have blisters and this was supposed to help). Whatever. We made our way back down, picked up our untouched packs, and continued back down the trail.

Back at the slot canyon

Weihaw taking a picture of the depths below

The Organ and Big Bend

When we reached the bottom I suddenly noticed the blisters starting to form on my feet, so I gingerly walked around trying not to aggravate them. A group of kids was playing in the creek, and Weihaw jumped in and washed himself off while we waited for Ben.

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