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Emigrant Wilderness

Emigrant Wilderness

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August 18th - August 20th, 2001

24.0 miles
4195 vertical feet
21 hours, 42 minutes
Rating: 9/10

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Friday we drove to the small town of Sonora, off Highway 108. We picked up the camping permit from the ranger station in Sonora (I'd faxed in a reservation form a month earlier). They just leave it in the box outside the office.

We got some last-minute food and water supplies from a nearby grocery store. At the recommendation of the motel clerk, we ate at El Jardin, which is near the end of the main street. Try the carnitas and the guacamole -- excellent.

Sunset in Sonora

Sonora's main street has several antique stores, and we stopped in one to shop for a bit. Afterwards, we went back to the motel room to do some final packing. I received quite a shock when I stepped on the scale and found out that my pack (with food and water), weighed in at a whopping 59 pounds!!! I had expected something closer to 50. I recalculated the food totals and dropped a pound or two, gave my sleeping pad (1.5 pounds) to Jean to carry, and ditched my 100mm macro lens, weather radio, and a few other items. I eventually weighed in at a more reasonable (but still heavy) 54.5 pounds. That's about 5 pounds more than I've ever carried on a trip, but I figured I'd manage okay. [Note: I'll put up a complete list of my pack contents and their weights later.]

1Crabtree Camp to Gem Lake 9.521501040
2Gem Lake to Deer Lake, Wood Lake, and back 5.0865865
3Gem Lake to Crabtree Camp 9.511802190

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