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Coit Lake Camping Notes



  • All food eaten except for: 18 grams of almonds (119 calories). Also, I gave half a Harvest bar to Jean, as well as some unknown amount of nibblers. On the other side, I accepted a large piece of banana bread from Lan. I would say the 3087+ calories I brought was just about right.


Misc Notes:

  • Would be nice to have a carabiner or extra straps, just in case of equipment failure
  • Purell bottle imploded


Things I wish I had:

  • A better stove. Kane's MSR stove boiled water much quicker than my Camping Gaz stove.
  • Tick remover


Things I didn't bring but probably should have:



Things that weren't used:

  • Mosquito coils. Probably shouldn't bring it unless it's summer or there's a known problem.
  • Extra batteries. Probably don't need extra batteries for a 1-night trip.
  • Flash. Might be useful, but I never went through the extra effort of taking the flash out of the bag and attaching it to my camera.
  • Accessory cord, quick-drying towel, Gerber LST knife, small Swiss army knife, hand creme, extra ziploc bags, extra bite valve, camera lens tissue, identification, credit card, and $20 bill. These are all things I would still bring, just in case.


Things I wish were lighter:

  • Water filter. I'll look into using SweetWater instead of MSR. The SweetWater one was much faster, as well.

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