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Hoh Rain Forest

Olympic National Park

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September 12th - September 14th, 1999

35.0 miles
4900 vertical feet
22 hours, 51 minutes
Rating: 8/10

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Our plan was a 35-mile out-and-back trip. Originally, I had planned to hike in 10 miles, do a 15 mile day hike the second day (without tent, sleeping bag, etc.), then hike out 10 miles the last day. The ranger at the visitor center suggested that we instead hike all the way into Elk Lake, a 15.1 mile journey. After looking at the altitude profile, we agreed to this. The trail is relatively flat for the first 13 miles, then starts to climb steeply, from about 1000 feet to 4300 feet elevation in just a few miles. Camping at Elk Lake would ensure us an easier, relaxing second day.

1Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center to Hoh River Camp 12.61040430
2Hoh River Camp to Glacier Meadows and back 9.834303430
3Hoh River Camp to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center 12.64301040

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