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Hotel Trail

Joseph D. Grant County Park, Santa Clara County

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April 20th, 1996

7.0 miles
1205 vertical feet
Total Time: 2:40

Rating: 4/10

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Jenny, Joe, Weihaw, and I hiked the Hotel Trail in Joseph D. Grant park, which is halfway along Mt. Hamilton Road in San Jose. We didn't see any wild animals on this trail. The trail itself is mostly a wide fire trail. Fairly uninteresting. There was some sort of mountain bike race or ride just finishing up as we started our hike. There were a few steep uphills, but nothing really bad. There was a nice stream that we ran across at one point, and a pond at the turn-around point of the hike.

Unfortunately, the flash washed out the bottom of the sign. It says "Caution Steep Downhill! Control your pee." There's Joe, trying to heed the sign.

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