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Mission Peak

Mission Peak Regional Park

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March 22nd, 1997

7.0 miles
2120 vertical feet
Total Time: 4:41

Rating: 6/10

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Joe, Landa, Tuan, and I hiked up to Mission Peak in Fremont.. The weather was fairly typical for a Bay Area spring day. Warm at times but bitter cold at the top.

We started from Lot H at Ohlone College. Landa and Tuan fueled their little chihuahua Gus with an Egg McMuffin and Coke. We went up the Spring Valley Trail, through rolling green hills and not much else. As we approached the Peak Trail, we saw lots of cattle. These cows were huge, and we had to walk right next to them. The somewhat frightening thing was that a few of them got up as we approached.

A small pond we encountered on the way up. Those are cows in the background.

The steepness of the hike wasn't that bad. It was a fairly steady climb, however, without much break from the constant uphill. In 2 hours we were at the top where it was crowded with other hikers. There's a post at the top with peepholes pointed in different directions, each numbered and labeled with the feature it viewed. Unfortunately it was so hazy and smoggy that we couldn't really see much. Even so, the view was nice. Perhaps a cold fall day would give a better view.

The post at the top. All the peepholes are marked with their views, but it was too hazy to see much.

We had lunch at the top, where Gus attracted a lot of attention. With nothing to protect us from the wind, we soon decided to head back down. Along the way we spotted a bunch of hang gliders and parasailers who were using the services of a club called "Wings of Rogallo" (or something like that). Looks like fun. We ended up going down the wrong way (there are two ways up, and most of the hikers took the way up we didn't take), and had to back-track a bit. If not for that, we would have finished in under 4 1/2 hours. Still, we made good time.

Starting the trek back down.

In general, the hike is a good workout among grassy hills, numerous cattle, and scattered mountain bikers, decidedly unshaded, and on a clear day should give fantastic views.

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