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North Kaibab Trail (to Supai Tunnel) Mule Ride

Grand Canyon National Park

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May 21st, 1998

3.6 miles
1200 vertical feet

Rating: 6/10

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Ben, Jay, Weihaw, and I took a mule ride on the North Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

After a short shuttle ride from the lodge to the stables, we saddled up and began our descent. Jay and I were a bit apprehensive about the idea of entrusting our lives to an animal. But it turns out there weren't any precipitous drops on the trail.

I rode on a mule named Elderberry. Behind me was Ben on his mule Charlie. In front of me was Weihaw, on Governor, and in front of him was Jay on Rose. We had 8 people in our group, and a guide named Jim.

Immediately our mules stopped to make some deposits on the trail. All the while on the mule I felt sorry for the hikers who had to deal with the smell and the obstacle course the mules presented them with.

From left to right: Charlie, Elderberry, Governor, and Rose.

The mules slowly made their way down the North Kaibab Trail. We stopped at the Supai Tunnel. There are toilets and drinking water there. Beyond the Supai Tunnel are some great views and a small waterfall. We only had about 20 minutes here, so I raced down to get a good look at the falls before I had to start hiking back up. Next time I would definitely like to hike down all the way, enjoying all the sights.

Unidentified woman stops to take a picture from her mule

After saddling back up, we started back up to the top. Along the way, Weihaw's mule started farting often. I tried to hold my breath as much as I could, but usually had to give in and take an unfortunate whiff.

A view into the canyon from the trail.

By the time we finally made it to the top, my knees were a bit sore from the strange position, and my butt hurt. But it was a nice and relaxing ride. Good to experience once from the other side, I guess (we passed a dozen or so hikers).

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