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Ohlone Wilderness Trail Camping Notes



  • All food eaten except for: 1 oatmeal (150 calories), almost all dried apricots and prunes (220 calories), 2 Harvest bars (480 calories), 40 grams almonds (300+ calories). (1150 calorie surplus) Should bring even less food per day.
  • Next time, bring one or two more hot chocolate packages
  • Next time, try Thai noodles dinner.


Misc Notes:

  • Only going to take 36-exposure film from now on.


Things that are required:



Things that are useful:

  • Tripod
  • Balaclava
  • Wet wipes for washing up


Things I wish I had:

  • Thin liner gloves for trekking poles (started to get blisters on hands near the end)
  • Working thermometer. Would be nice to know the outside temperature.
  • Warmer sleeping bag


Things I didn't bring but probably should have:

  • More fuel or a more fuel-efficient stove. Ran out of fuel on last day.


Things that weren't used:

  • Second pot. Well, I used it a little, but didn't really need to. Next time, I may just bring one pot.
  • Water filter. It's a good thing to have, though.
  • Mosquito coils. Probably shouldn't bring it unless it's summer or there's a known problem.
  • Towel. Good to have, especially in warmer weather, though.


Things I wish were lighter:

  • Tevas. Could probably get some lighter-weight sandals
  • Leatherman tool. Don't use half the things in there, anyway. Pliers was useful, though.
  • Cell phone. Next time, bring Jean's since hers is lighter. Only need one among group, and don't care about battery life since it'll be off most of the time.


Things I didn't bring and didn't miss:




  • Flashlight lantern was very inefficient use of batteries. Perhaps try to get a better one?
  • Don't really need to bring Nalgene bottle if Jean brings hers.
  • Probably don't need to bring comb next time. Doesn't do much good, anyway.
  • I attached my camera to my hip belt, and that seemed to work well. Nice to have easy access to the camera.

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