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Roku Channel

For those of you who have a Roku digital video player, I've created a private Roku channel to display the pictures from this web site on your television.

To add the channel (which is free of charge) to your Roku, point your browser to and click "Add Channel".

You'll have access to images from the last 2 year's worth of hikes, including all the captions. Hikes are arranged chronologically.

You can show/hide the captions by pressing the down arrow or the options (*) button. The captions will be shown/hidden starting with the next slide.

Let me know what you think. If enough people use it, I may add higher-resolution images, as well as links to older hikes.

For those of you who don't own a Roku, it's an inexpensive (less than $100) device that hooks up to your television and lets you view an assortment of digital content using your Internet connection. There are no subscription fees required, although you will need a subscription to view things like Netflix. You can find out more at

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