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Saturday, September 18th
Comet Falls, Van Trump Park, and Mildred Point

It turned out that I had plenty of stove fuel left. In fact, I had a little extra. That single canister lasted 4 dinners and 4 breakfasts for 2 people. And that included simmering rice for 10 minutes.

We packed up our camp and by 9:35am were off on our hike to Comet Falls, Van Trump Park, and Mildred Point trail.

After the hike we stopped in Longmire where I returned the fuel canister I hadn't used. Then we were on our way back to Seattle. We stopped at a recreation area at Alder Lake where we took showers and finished packing all our stuff for the flight back.

All washed up at Alder Lake (and the last picture in my roll)

We reached Federal Way in time to stop at Safeway for dinner, then headed to the airport. I checked to see if they'd found my film, but they hadn't. This time I made sure to never let go of my film once I got on the plane.

We spent 9 days on this trip, but there's still much more to see. Olympic National Park has at least a half dozen park entrances I've never been to. Mt. Rainier has two more areas I haven't visited yet. All the more reason to plan another trip there sometime.

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