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Sequoia/Kings Canyon Trip 2

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Saturday, July 3rd
Trail of the Sequoias

The next morning, we saw dozens of tussock moth caterpillars on the outside of our tent. They're everywhere, and unfortunately can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Fortunately, it didn't seem to affect any of us.

Our campsite nestled amongst the cones

Our neighbor had already packed up everything and left by the time we were eating breakfast. We then drove to the General Sherman tree area to do the Trail of the Sequoias.

After the hike, CJ, Jennie, and Weihaw drove a short ways to see Moro Rock. Meanwhile, Jean and I returned to camp (with a stop at the Lodgepole Market for ice cream). When we arrived at camp, we saw that we had more neighbors. There were two cars, three tents, and seven people at campsite 30. There's a limit of 1 car and 6 people per site. While we were breaking one rule by having an extra car, we weren't happy about our extra neighbors.

Then, as we were finishing up dinner, another car showed up. So they had 3 cars, 4 tents, and 10 people!!! This was getting out of hand. Unfortunately, all the campsites were completely full by this time, so I guess they didn't have much choice. Still, we were wondering what the rangers would say when they saw 5 cars where there only supposed to be 2. Thankfully, their campfire subsided and they stopped talking around 10:30pm so we could get some much-needed rest.

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