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Skyline To The Sea Trail

Camping Notes

  • Nylon cord -- used as clothes drying line
  • My bug bite inventory: 21 right leg; 18 left leg, 1 right arm, 8 left shoulder; 16 back - 64 total
  • Jean: 44 total bites
  • All food eaten except 2 Clif bars (500 calories), 3 Harvest Bars (720 calories), some Craisins; lowfat milk; 1 regular oatmeal (100 calories). Next time, about 3000 calories per day should be sufficient.
  • Leatherman tool: used knife to cut orange, and bagel. Ate canned salmon off of nail file. Still, it's a bit heavy.
  • Platypus bag bottom fell out inside pack -- should store upright
  • Broke nipple
  • Joe spraying himself with fuel
  • Mosquito coils seemed to help, but well, I don't know
  • Need spare batteries!!! Or fully charged ones, at least.
  • Need extra stake.
  • Water filter very useful
  • Always wear long pants around camp near sunset -- even if it's hot and you're about to take a shower
  • Poncho works great as a ground cover for camp
  • Sleeping pad - bring patch kit!
  • Cards not used - and fairly heavy
  • Deodorant doesn't help much -- don't bother
  • Poncho wash instructions: hand wash

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