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Transept Trail

Grand Canyon National Park

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May 22nd, 1998

3.0 miles
100 vertical feet

Rating: 6/10

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I hiked the Transept Trail at Grand Canyon National Park.

The Transept Trail links the campground area to the lodge/visitor center area. Along the way it travels through a wooded area close to the rim of the canyon. There are a few short side trails where you can get better views of the Transept Canyon.

On the way to the lodge, I came across what appeared to be a chipmunk. He appeared to be gnawing, almost woodpecker-like, on a branch high above me. I passed just a couple other hikers coming the opposite direction. Eventually I saw the cabins near the lodge, and headed up one of the many trails.

I thought about getting some breakfast at the snack shop, but the line was too long. I decided to go to the saloon instead and see if I could get some hot chocolate to warm myself. I entered the room and asked for my drink. I immediately noticed the sound of Sarah McLachlan's angelic voice singing "Mary", emanating from a boom box behind the counter. The woman behind the counter sang along softly as she prepared the hot chocolate. It seemed to fit. I decided to grab a big muffin as well, and headed out happy.

As I was sipping the last remnants of my hot chocolate, just past the cabins, I heard a noise near the trail. I looked up and saw a family of mule deer, nibbling as they crossed the trail in front of me. I snapped a picture or two and waited patiently until I could cross without disturbing them. They just went on as if I weren't there.

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