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Vernal Fall

Yosemite National Park

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October 21st, 1995

2.5 miles
1050 vertical feet

Rating: 8/10

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This was part of a trip to Yosemite National Park. Jennifer, Selina, Yvonne, Kevin L, Weihaw, Jenny, Angie, Michelle, Winnie, Landa, Tuan, Cathie, Eric, Joe, Peter, and I had a great time hiking Vernal Fall. =) It's relatively short but steep. It's a steady climb followed by a long staircase up to the top of the fall. There wasn't nearly as much water as there is in the spring. The trail is referred to as the Mist Trail, since there's so much water coming down that it drenches hikers; this wasn't the case in October, after a dry summer and before the rains started. But there was still water coming down, and there was a serene pool at the top. A very pretty sight. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and played around at the top before hiking back down.

The view from somewhere on the trail to Vernal Fall

The trail up to Vernal Fall, taken from the top

Lunch at the top of Vernal Fall

The pool at the top of Vernal Fall. Nevada Fall is in the background

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