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West Rim Trail (Cabin Spring Camp 3 to/from western edge of plateau)

Zion National Park

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May 17th, 1998

2.0 miles
100 vertical feet

Rating: 7/10

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Jay, Weihaw, and I hiked the West Rim Trail, from Cabin Spring camp 3 to/from the western edge of the Horse Pasture Plateau, at Zion National Park.

After dinner we continued along the West Rim Trail. The trail first leads to an area on the eastern side of the plateau which gives views of Mt. Majestic and Behunin Canyon. Angels Landing and Refrigerator Canyon are obstructed from here by Mt. Majestic.

View from the top, looking east. Look at the smaller plateaus on top of the larger plateaus, and the forests on top of each

We continued along the trail, which became increasingly muddy. This may have been from snowmelt, but there was no snow to be seen up here, so it's hard to tell. In any case, there were places which required us to step in the mud for a few steps, but nothing unbearable. Eventually we topped a small hill and quickly were on the western edge of the plateau, looking out toward Heaps Canyon and everything beyond it -- including Ivins Mountain and Inclined Temple.

View looking west, near sunset

A closer look

We continued along the trail for a while. We saw some backpackers camped at Camp 5 (we didn't see anyone at 4). At this point, the sun was low in the horizon, meaning the views weren't as good as they were during the day. They were still nice, but it was hard to see well. It was kind of amazing looking at the other plateaus, knowing we were on one of them. Each had steep walls with little vegetation, and then a thriving forest on top, with another, smaller plateau in the middle.

After taking in the views, we headed back toward camp. It might have been nice to stay there and watch the sun set, but that would have meant hiking back in the dark. Well, we had flashlights, but we still would have to hike in the mud.

We went back to the area on the eastern side of the plateau, where there was a log to sit on. Three women from Camp 1 passed by while we were there. The interesting thing about camping is that there are few enough people that you generally get to meet most of your neighbors.

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