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Thursday, July 29th
Mount Hoffman, Yosemite

The temperature was pleasant the next morning. It reached a low of 48 degrees inside my tent -- not too bad. But at 6am, a Native American started singing, "hey hey! hey hey! da da da da..." Only for about 5 minutes, but loud enough and just long enough to wake everyone in Tuolumne Meadows up. We might have tried to go back to sleep, but everyone else, now fully awake, started preparing themselves for the day ahead.

After breakfast, we drove over to the May Lake parking area and hiked to the top of Mount Hoffman.

Afterwards, I fired up the stove and grill and made one of my patented knife-less meals -- grilled salmon with salsa, corn on the cob, and instant rice. Yummy.

Tuolumne Meadows Grill at sunset

After dinner I walked through Tuolumne Meadows toward Soda Springs in search of a sunset photograph. A few other people were also walking about. Some people were propped up on rocks, drinking beer and taking in the sunset. Unfortunately, the clouds all but disappeared and the sunset was rather generic. On the other hand, puffy clouds covered the eastern sky, and I got a good shot of the Tuolumne Meadows Grill and the sky above. Still, I wished I'd gone to the same place I'd been the previous night.

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