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Friday, July 30th
High Sierra Mine, Yosemite

It was noticeably colder this morning. It got to as low as 42 degrees inside my tent. It probably didn't help that I was just one person inside a tent built for 4 people.

We got an early start, driving to Tioga Pass and hiking up to the High Sierra Mine.

We finished around 2pm. I'd told Jean to meet us between 2-3pm, so that we could hike up to Dana Lake before darkness. Instead of waiting at Tioga Pass as originally planned, we decided to drive back to the Tuolumne Meadows Grill. There's only one road, so we figured we'd see them if they were coming.

We waited and waited. The day grew later and I knew we probably wouldn't be able to hike Dana Lake. It would have to wait. Clouds started coming in, as well, and I even felt just a few light sprinkles around 4pm. Shortly thereafter, Jean, Reza, and Weihaw arrived.

We got some stuff at the store, then headed to the campsite. After putting away food, we did a short walk along the Lyell fork of the Tuolumne River.

Weihaw risking life and limb in the cold waters of the Tuolumne

Dinner consisted of a wonderful curry chicken and rice. Afterwards, we cleaned up in the darkness and then rested up for the following day's hike.

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