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Zion Camping Experience

May 17-19, 1998
Zion National Park

Things I learned on this camping trip...

Things that are required:

  • backpacker's trowel
  • scissors (my small swiss army knife works well) -- used to cut moleskin
  • water filter

Things that are useful:

  • Nalgene bottle which hooks up directly to water filter
  • Towel
  • pull-on pants

Things I wish I had:

  • CamelBak or Platypus or other hydration system with a tube. Better for hands-free hiking.
  • Motorola TalkAbout
  • Ski mask or something for my head while sleeping
  • sun hat for my head (burns more easily at higher elevations)
  • mosquito netting

Things I didn't bring but probably should have:

  • extra flashlight batteries and bulb
  • extra camera battery

Things that weren't used:

  • umbrella -- poncho is sufficient, and doubles as a tarp for pack
  • Leatherman tool -- perhaps I can find something lighter? Tiny swiss army knife works for most things.
  • tights
  • sweat pants (well, pull-on pants are sufficient; sweats are bulkier)

Things I didn't bring and didn't miss:

  • binoculars


  • need better way of washing dishes?
  • should get ThermaRest Staytek Ultra Lite Long
  • be positive zip-loc bags are closed - I spilled food all over when a bag I thought was zipped wasn't.
  • put DEET in a separate container (insize a zip-loc bag)
  • don't forget a ziploc bag for used toilet paper
  • freeze-dried dinners are bulky
  • get an ounce-accurate scale
  • need a better pillow?
  • use more sunscreen
  • oatmeal -- 1 regular and 1 flavored isn't sweet enough
  • milk, dry cereal a faster alternative for breakfast (instead of stove)
  • bring large plastic bag for flight if they don't have it (to put pack in)
  • always ask rangers about trails beforehand, and double-triple check (they lie)

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