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Parker Lake (2016)

Ansel Adams Wilderness

April 7th, 2016

4.9 miles
620 vertical feet
Total Time: 3:30

Starting elevation
7792 feet
Max elevation
8369 feet

Rating: 7/10

Directions: From Highway 395, take the northern turnoff for June Lake Loop (Highway 158). Turn right onto the dirt road for Parker Lake. There will be several unsigned forks; stay on the main road, finally taking the left fork at the signed intersection (where the right fork takes you to Parker Creek).   View Driving Map

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Yesterday while we were getting lunch, someone there had mentioned that Parker Lake was open (i.e., the hike was clear of snow). We hadn't gone there yesterday, but after running into snow on the Rush Creek Trail, we decided to hike to Parker Lake today.

We had hiked to Parker Lake 12 years ago, when Nathan was less than a year old. I reminded him that I carried him on that trip, but he's not returning the favor. In any case, I did remember a few things from that hike. There was the same view of Mono Lake from the parking lot. And I remembered that the trail starts climbing gently through the bushes immediately. This time, we could see snow-covered mountains in the area.

View of Mono Lake from the trailhead

Heading up the parking lot to the start of the trail

Looking back at Mono Lake

View to the north

The trail starts to climb more steeply, but the entire hike only has about 600 feet of climbing, so the climbing is never too much. Soon enough we reached a flatter section and hiked alongside Parker Creek.

Mountains above Parker Lake

Snowy mountain view

We now entered the forest and hiked toward the mountains; I knew the lake was situated at the base of those mountains. Soon enough we reached the lake. It was mostly how I remembered it. We crossed the outlet stream over some logs to the opposite shore. We found a nice spot in the forest to sit down for lunch. While we ate we had great views of the lake and the snow-covered mountain behind it. Ducks swam in the lake. There were only a couple other people at the lake while we were there.

Crossing the Parker Lake outlet stream

Parker Lake

Ducks in Parker Lake (visible in center)

Parker Lake

Parker Lake reflections

After lunch I walked along a use trail along the shore of the lake. The views aren't much different. Eventually the trail peters out and I returned to our lunch spot. Then we packed up and headed back.

Northwestern shore of Parker Lake

Parker Lake

Ducks in Parker Lake

Crossing the outlet stream again

Parker Lake

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