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Friday, December 21st
Fly to Tasmania

Ever since Jean and I visited Australia back in 2000, we had in mind to come back and visit Tasmania. We had thought about doing it last year, but were too late to get permits for the Overland Track, which would be the focus of the trip.

So this year, on July 1st (the first day possible; actually June 30th where we were), we logged into the Tasmania parks website and reserved a permit for the Overland Track. Within hours, all slots for the Christmas to New Year's period were taken. We had our slot for December 30th. We booked our flight to Tasmania, then tackled all the other logistical problems (getting all our gear ready, finding out where to buy fuel, transportation, storage for our luggage while we were on the track, etc.).

Months went by. Finally, December arrived. We packed everything, then readied for our December 21st flight.

While at the gym, getting in one last workout before our 5:20pm departure, I got a confusing text message saying our flight was delayed until 3:40pm. It was 12:30pm now. Confused, I raced home and we got on the phone. Eventually we figured out that the airline had somehow booked us onto two different flights from SFO to LAX. We didn't enjoy the thought of being stuck in LAX for 4 hours, so we confirmed we wanted the later flight (plus, we had a little last-minute packing to do).

We got to SFO in plenty of time for our 5:20 flight, only to find out that it had been delayed as well. I started to get concerned the later it got. We didn't actually depart until around 6:40pm, and landed around 7:50pm or so. We were also in the last row of the airplane, so we were the last ones off (the flight attendant said she couldn't let us get off any earlier, as many passengers had connecting flights). As it was, we got to the next flight in plenty of time, partly because the 8:40pm departure was delayed until 9pm.

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