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Saturday, December 29th
Drive to Cradle Mountain

We packed up our bags, had breakfast, checked out, and then waited at our hotel entrance at 9am for our reserved shuttle. We had reserved it months in advance, but had to contact them a few days ago to give them a new address since our rental house had canceled on us. Unfortunately the driver didn't get the new address and was waiting at the old one. He eventually showed up around 9:15am (not his fault).

Our driver took us north up toward Cradle Mountain, stopping once or twice along the way. We arrived at our cabin around 2pm. Then our driver took our luggage and left us alone with our backpacks (we'd see our luggage at the end when they picked us up).

After lunch, we walked over to the Cradle Mountain visitor center to pick up our permit. Thankfully it was a short walk, only about 10 minutes. This is important since we had no other means of transportation at the moment.

As it turns out, we arrived at the visitor center just in time, as they don't start giving out permits the day before until 3pm. We filled out the paperwork and picked up our 4 permits, which we'd reserved 6 months earlier. Then we explored the gift shop. Unfortunately we found some Overland Track t-shirts we all liked. I say unfortunately because this meant we'd have to carry those shirts as extra weight over the next 6 days. But I figured we could accept the extra weight. Since this was only a 6 day trek, we were carrying less than usual, and the kids were getting stronger and could carry more than in the past.

If you are wondering about food in the area, there is some food at the visitor center, but pickings are slim and it closes early (like 4pm). There is a small store at the cabin complex we stayed at, and it closes at 6pm, but it's a small store as well. Still, if you need milk, water, or snacks, you can get them here.

We returned to the cabin to watch the Sydney Kings beat Brisbane on TV. I only mention this because it was cool watching Jerome Randle (who went to Cal), and Andrew Bogut (of Golden State Warriors fame) play.

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