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Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen

Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia

December 24th, 2018

0.5 miles
10 vertical feet
Total Time: 0:18

Starting elevation
212 feet
Max elevation
216 feet

Rating: 7/10

Directions: From Hobart, take A3. Turn right onto A9. Follow the signs toward Eaglehawk Neck and Tessellated Pavement. After passing Tessellated Pavement, shortly turn left onto C338 toward the Blowhole, Tasmans Arch, and Devils Kitchen. Before you reach the Blowhole, you'll turn right onto Tasmans Arch Road. Follow the road up to the parking lot on the left for Tasmans Arch. Alternatively, you can go to the end of the road, where you'll find the parking lot for Devils Kitchen.   View Driving Map

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We decided to skip the Blowhole, which is one of three related features - Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen being the others. Each has its own separate parking area, but you can visit Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen by doing a short hike from either of the two lots.

We parked in the Tasmans Arch parking lot. If it's full, you can try your luck at the Devils Kitchen lot just up the road. There's a lot of turnover, though, so even if it's full you probably don't need to wait long.

At the parking lot, there's a view of the Tasmans Arch and straight down to the waters below. It's impressive to look at, though hard to get a good vantage point to photograph. We then took the trail to the left, which goes over the arch itself. It's wide so you can't even really tell you're on it.

Tasmans Arch

There's not much to the trail itself, passing mostly through waist-high brush. We followed the trail northward toward Devils Kitchen. At the end of this trail we came to a railing where we could look across a chasm to an imposing cliff and down to the waters below - much more impressive than the Tasmans Arch, I would say.

View from the Devils Kitchen overlook

Seagull near Devils Kitchen

View from the Devils Kitchen overlook

Devils Kitchen

Devils Kitchen

We then followed the spur to the Devils Kitchen car park, and down the road a short way back to our car at the other lot.

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