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Angel Island

Angel Island

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May 24th, 1997

5.0 miles
550 vertical feet
Total Time: 3:48

Rating: 8/10

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Dhananjay, Greg, Leslie, Reza, Roy, Weihaw, and I went to Angel Island and hiked to the top of Mt. Livermore.

This one will cost you a bit of money, but the views are great. Parking near Fisherman's Wharf isn't cheap, and the ferry costs $10 per person. We took the ferry leaving from Pier 43 1/2. The ferry ride itself is a pleasant 40-minutes during which you get great views of the Golden Gate, Tiburon, San Francisco, and the East Bay.

Dhananjay, ready for the frozen tundra (or at least our ferry ride to Angel Island).

San Francisco, as seen from the ferry.

Seagulls hovered over us on our ferry ride, coasting on the brisk winds on the bay.

We started up the North Ridge Trail, which begins with stairs, stairs, and more stairs up to Perimeter Road. We continued up the winding North Ridge Trail, to the top of Mount Livermore (781 feet). Along the way we saw a couple deer but otherwise not much sign of life. The last section up to the peak is steep, but the entire trail is short -- we made it from the dock to the top in an hour. From the top of Mount Livermore you get sweeping views of the Bay Area. Definitely bring your camera!

San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, as seen from Angel Island. Alcatraz is between Angel Island and San Francisco.

After lunch we went down the backside, around the Nike Missile Site (which is closed to public access), wandered through Fort McDowell, and then stopped at the Immigration Station Museum. Here we tagged along with a guided tour of the place where immigrants (mostly Chinese) were held for as much as a year from 1910 to 1940.

Reza, with Mt. Tamalpais in the background. You can also see Richardson Bay and Tiburon.

We then walked the short distance along Perimeter Road back to the dock and enjoyed the ride back.

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