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Ken Patrick Trail (Cape Royal Road To Point Imperial)

Grand Canyon National Park

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May 22nd, 1998

3.0 miles
790 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:27

Rating: 6/10

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Jay, Weihaw, and I hiked the Ken Patrick Trail from Cape Royal Road to Point Imperial in Grand Canyon National Park.

The entire trail is in a wooded area along the rim of the canyon. Along the way we ran into patches of snow along the trail. Footprints in the snow told us we weren't the first to hike this trail this season.

Hiking through the snow!

Thorny branches nagged at us all along the way. Halfway through we had a brief snowball fight.

All along the way we were greeted with great views to our right, into the canyon. We could see both the Walhalla Plateau (which is where Cape Royal Road goes) and Point Imperial from the trail.

At one point, we reached a very steep switch-backed section which almost looked impassable due to snow. But there were steps made in the snow by previous hikers, and we dug in our toes and scrambled up past the snow onto the trail. Soon after that, we reached the parking lot where Ben waited for us at Point Imperial, where the views are fantastic.

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