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Monday, August 30th
Lower Twin Lake

I woke up early Monday morning and started out from Sunnyvale at 8:15am. I stopped just once, in Willows, arriving at the southwest park entrance at 12:45pm. I asked the park ranger there about Brokeoff Mountain, which I intended to do the next day. She said the trail was in fine shape, but to watch out for thunderstorms. It hadn't stormed recently, but you never know. I intended to get an early start.

I kept driving to the Summit Lake - North campground, elevation 6900 feet. My first impression is that there weren't many people here. Considering it was a Monday, that wasn't too surprising. I had my pick of campsites, and settled on B24, only about 50-100 feet from Summit Lake itself.

The campsite has nice clean bathrooms, spacious campsites, and a beautiful lake. Under darkening sky I quickly set up camp. Then I started walking right out of camp to Lower Twin Lake.

After the hike I had dinner and then quickly started driving north along the park road, trying to find a place to take sunset pictures. The colors had looked nice from camp, but the trees had been in the way. Unfortunately, by the time I found a decent place, the clouds and colors were gone. I settled on stopping at the Devastated Area parking lot and taking an uncolorful picture from there. The Devastated Area was blasted by a pyroclastic flow from the 1915 eruption.

Lassen Peak covered by clouds as seen from Devastated Area

Back at camp, I tried my weather radio. No luck. Cell phone -- spotty reception. I also noticed that my rechargeable batteries (even with a full charge) were not happy with the cold weather.

I took some pictures of the stars and trees before heading into the tent, where it was a lovely 43 degrees at 9:20pm.

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