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Mount Davidson

Mount Davidson Park, San Francisco

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October 28th, 1999

0.5 miles
150 vertical feet
Total Time: 0:30

Rating: 5/10

Directions: From downtown San Francisco, take 280 south. Exit at Monterey Blvd. Turn right on Foerster St., left on Los Palmos Dr., right on Bella Vista Way, left onto Molimo Drive, and left onto Myra Way. Park near the intersection with Dalewood Way. From the peninsula, take 280 north and exit onto 19th Ave. Turn right on Sloat Blvd., left onto Portola Drive, right onto Miraloma Drive, left onto Marne Ave., right onto Juanita Way, and left onto Dalewood Way. Park near the intersection with Myra Way.   View Driving Map

I parked my car on Dalewood, near the intersection of Myra Way, Sherwood Court, and Landsdale Ave. After struggling with directions (I was supposed to get off of 280 at Monterey, but there is no such exit going north!), I was happy to get out of the car.

This really isn't so much of a hike as a walk in the park. There's a sign at the bottom which mentions the top isn't actually owned by the city. It's private property. The city sold it because there's a huge cross standing on the top, and people were concerned about the city owning such a symbol.

The lush green forest of Mount Davidson

The hike starts out through a lush green forest before quickly giving way to bare hillside and views looking south and east toward downtown. Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower are clearly visible close by to the northeast.

Rows of houses visible toward the south

The top is completely flat. To the west, views are blocked by trees and the aforementioned cross, which towers 103 feet above the ground.

View from the top

At 927 feet high, Mount Davidson is the highest point in San Francisco County, and that's pretty much the only reason I walked to the top.

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