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Sunol Loop

Sunol Regional Wilderness

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October 19th, 1996

4.8 miles
700 vertical feet
Total Time: 3:07

Rating: 6/10

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Alice, Alton, Alvin, Angie, Annie, Dhananjay, Erin, Joe, Landa, Michelle, Susie, Thomas, Tuan, Weihaw, and I hiked the Sunol Loop in Sunol Regional Wilderness near Milpitas/Fremont. The first part of the loop is a steady climb. The summit gives a clear view of the Calaveras Reservoir. We stopped for lunch a little past the summit. It was all downhill after that. Along the way up, we passed lots of cows, including at least a dozen standing right next to the trail.

Trekking uphill, most of the first half of the hike.

Here's one of the cows we ran into.

A view of Calaveras Reservoir from the summit of the hike.

You can't really distinguish anyone, but here's where we had lunch.

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